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Hi there! I’m Bonnie Andersen, owner of ExecutiveAg Recruiting Advisors.

I help agriculture business owners secure the best candidates to fill the roles in their business. Growing up on an Iowa crop and dairy farm and farming with my husband today, as well as previously working in agriculture industry sales and marketing, I understand the agriculture industry. When it comes to finding specific characteristics in a person to ensure they are going to be a good fit in your business, it comes naturally to me. When I work with my clients in trying to find the best candidates for the position, they feel confident because of my experience in recruiting and my knowledge in the agriculture industry.

For more than 20 years, I’ve been a recruiter for agriculture industry in the United States and Canada. The nature of recruiting is having many connections, which is why I work so well with business owners. I focus on the agriculture industry and recruit in areas such as livestock, crop, food, equipment and for non-profit agriculture organizations

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I have a huge passion for the agriculture industry which is why I enjoy what I do so much. It’s been wonderful working with different ag businesses in helping them move their business forward with the best candidates for the role.