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Bonnie brings the best of business and agriculture to the table with 25+ years of experience.

Bonnie Andersen has worked in every area of agriculture from farming to sales to non-profits.  She is a mom of 4, a farmer, a wife, and an agribusiness owner. Bonnie connects with her audiences through her passion for agriculture, love of people, and relatability. 


Who is your audience?


Agribusinesses, farms with employees, non-profits, associations

Ag Industry

Organizations, Annual Meetings, Women in Ag, Conferences


University, high school, graduates, colligiate clubs, fraternities, and sororities

Topics of Interest

Career development in agriculture

Great For: Students exploring careers in agriculture or those just beginning to layout their career path in an agribusiness.

This interactive topic provides advice on securing employment, networking, setting yourself up for success working in agribusiness industry, making yourself a stand-out candidate and delivering once you are hired.

The exceptional employer

Great for: Managers, Employees in areas of leadership, HR

Learn how to onboard employees and then keep them on your team!  Reducing employee turnover increases profits. Learn the tips on tricks on how to motivate your team and create an atmosphere they’ll never want to leave.

Securing Supreme Ag Hires

Great for: Employers, Recruiters, Managers, HR

Recruiting and maintaining the right employees is difficult – how do you seek out someone with the right personality, drive, and proven work background? This talk centers around the process for finding that one in a millon, perfect employee.

Count the live goats: a Keynote Presentation

Great for: Christian Women Events and Women in Ag

This inspirational talk is all about how laughter is the key to a healthy life and family. Bonnie focuses on how themes of gratitude, attitude, persistence, and serenity will change your life and make it richer. It’s full of inspiration with the right amount of humor. 

How to work with me

Step 1

Let’s Chat!

Let’s get on a call! You can either call me directly or send me an email. 


Step 2

Choose Your Topic

Based on your audience, we’ll pick a topic together that will encourage and motive your crowd.


Step 3

Enjoy Your Event

I’ll show up and deliver a fantastic talk that will captivate your audience.